9.00-9.30         Registration

9.30 Introduction and Welcome

9.40                       Royal Funeral and Ceremony

Lucy Dean, (University of Stirling), A Scottish Enigma? Scottish Royal Funeral ceremonies 1214-1542

Matthias Range, (University of Oxford/Oxford Brookes University) Music and Ceremonial at Royal Funerals: From Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

10.35          Rest Break

10.40    The Public and the Private Experience of Royal Death (Part One)

Germán Gamero Igea, (University of Valladolid), The experience of Royal Deaths in the court of Ferdinand the Catholic

John West, (University of Exeter) The Literature of Royal Loss in 1660: Poems on the death of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester

11.30-12.00         Tea Break

12.00    The Public and the Private Experience of Royal Death (Part Two – Sculpture and Memorial)

Tiffany Christensen, (Arizona State University), Stratigraphies of Grief and Archaeologies of Mourning: James I as monument maker

Gita Deneckere, (Ghent University), ‘Absent in Body but present in Spirit’: Prince Leopold’s Ghost and the Victorian Monarchy

13.00-14.00          Lunch


14.00                         Posthumous Reputation and Apotheosis

Clare Gittings, (National Portrait Gallery), Royal Apotheoses from Queen Elizabeth I to the Children of George III

Christoph De Spiegeleer, (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Imagined Communities of grief in interwar Belgium: responses to the accidental deaths of King Albert I and Queen Astrid (1934-1935)

Jitka Štollová, (Charles University Prague), ‘Imperial Passion Bearers’: Commemorating the executed Romanovs in Russia and Great Britain

15.15           Rest Break

15.20                           Communities of Grief

Dan O’Brien, (University of Bristol), ‘As one house of mourning’: Royal Deaths and the Eighteenth-Century Provincial Town

Ben Roberts, (Teesside University), Mourning and Succession in the Provinces: North Eastern responses to Royal Death 1861-1953

Jeffrey Tyssens, (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), ‘He is no more, the gentleman king’: the Masonic mourning ritual for King Leopold of Belgium (1866)


 16.40-17.10         Tea Break

17.10                                  Losing the Heir to the Throne

Elena Woodacre, (University of Winchester), A Brother’s Loss is a Sister’s Gain: The Loss of the Heir and Female Succession in Medieval Navarre

Oliver Cox, (University of Oxford), ‘May his pattern be that of an Alfred’: George III and his absent father

Frank Müller and Heidi Mehrkens, (University of St. Andrews), Dashed hopes and mourned prospects in France and Germany: Prince Ferdinand Philippe of Orleans (1842) and Emperor Frederick III (1888)

18.35          Rest Break

18.40                       Assassination and Modern Monarchy

Alexander Noonan, (Boston College), ‘Unconscious of  their doom’: Monarchs and Republicans as victims of ‘infamous’ crimes’

Edward Owens, (University of Manchester), The 1934 Wedding of the Duke of Kent to Princess Marina of Greece and the International Repercussions of the Assassination of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia

19.30          Drinks Reception

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